Delaware High School Offers Students Array of High-Level Courses and Certifications

William Penn High School in New Castle, Delaware provides its students numerous choices of academic and technical programs within the school, including a STEM college, business college, and humanities college. Students select a course of study when they enter, then over the next four years gain the needed skills to either enter a college or begin a trade, providing a seamless transition to the next stage of their learning. Many programs offer certifications or college credits.

All classes connect to a student’s major and focus on project-based learning using industry-standard equipment. All majors include a senior project, hands-on experiences with local businesses, and opportunities for advanced placement courses.The school offers a wide variety of work and internship experiences through partnerships with local businesses and higher education institutions. Since revamping their program into various  ‘colleges’, their graduation rates have gone up, as have enrollments from neighboring schools and districts that offer public school choice.

The National School Boards Association produced this video on William Penn High School as part of the Learning First Alliance's Get It Right campaign on college- and career-ready standards.



School Characteristics
William Penn High School main entrance