Social Media Toolkit

Welcome to the 2020-21 social media toolkit for #PublicSchoolProud and Public Schools Week2021. Please use the social media images and messages below, or customize to represent your school. Each image is formatted specifically for the platform that it is labeled. Do not try to interchange these graphics onto different platforms, as a Facebook graphic will not work on Twitter and vice versa. Please be sure to include #PublicSchoolProud in all your posts. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Teacher working with boy with disability on laptop

Teacher Working with Boy on Laptop

Nine out of every 10 students attend a public school. Public schools welcome every child—regardless of ability, race, religion, wealth, language, country of origin or needs. #PublicSchoolProud

Young boy working on laptop at desk

Making Connections: Boys at computer

Even in difficult times, our public schools are making connections each day with their students, families and broader communities. Join us for Public Schools Week 21 2/22-2/26 and show your #PublicSchoolProud!

Mom and daughter looking at laptop

Making Connections: Mom and daughter on laptop

Public schools look different this year. But our commitment is the same: We will keep our students safe, learning, and growing, one student at a time. Join us for Public Schools Week 2021 Feb. 22-26 and show your #PublicSchoolProud.