Resources for Teachers

While much of the Learning First Alliance's work focuses on creating the conditions that support high-performing schools, the Alliance is also dedicated to ensuring that educators have the resources they need to help children in the classroom. The Alliance has produced several documents designed to help teachers reach students. We have also compiled resources on specific subjects for use in the classroom.

Alliance Publications

Every Child Mathematically Proficient: Tips for Teachers
This guide suggests strategies for teachers to use in improving the math skills of their students.

Every Child Reading: Tips for Teachers
Eight things teachers can do to create a classroom and environment where reading can thrive.

Interviews with Leading Educators
A collection of interviews in which leading educators--teachers, principals, superintendents and others--discuss the strategies that have helped their students succeed and their visions for the future of public education.

Additional Resources

The Balancing Act's Parent Teacher Corner
The Learning First Alliance and some of our members have joined forces with Lifetime's The Balancing Act. On The Parent Teacher Corner we address some of the most important issues in public education today, including parent engagement, technology and bullying. We offer valuable information that parents, educators, business and other stakeholders can use in the quest to improve public education in our country.

Inauguration 2009 Resources
The 2009 presidential inauguration offered schools and students an opportunity to reflect on citizenship, the presidency, the nation's past and our collective future. The Learning First Alliance put together a collection of resources to help educators take advantage of this historic moment. (While some of these resources were tied directly to the inauguration, many others remain very useful for civics education, as well as for other subjects)