No Child Left Behind

A Practical Guide for Talking with Your Community About No Child Left Behind and Schools in Need of Improvement.

The Practical Guide provides multiple resources to help school and district leaders communicate with parents and the public about the NCLB law and its impact. The Guide provides particular guidance for leaders working with schools labeled as "in need of improvement."

NCLB: The Basics and More about the Law

The web resources below provide clear and concise information about NCLB provisions as well as links to additional information on NLCB.

The No Child Left Behind Act: Key Provisions and Timelines (updated July 2004)
This resource describes key provisions of NCLB and provides a timeline for implementation of major provisions of the law. The publication is designed for quick reference. PDF (71Kb) | Word (171Kb)

No Child Left Behind: Summary of New Flexibility (updated July 2004)
This document explains in one place the new flexibility in NCLB provided by the U. S. Department of Education. PDF (43Kb)  | Word (98Kb)

Major Changes to ESEA in the No Child Left Behind Act (2002)
This document provides a 28-page summary of the major changes embodied in the NCLB Act including assessment, accountability, educator quality, reading and flexibility. PDF (254Kb)

Resources on No Child Left Behind
This guide outlines web-based resources that provide tools and guidance on communicating about NCLB. PDF (79Kb) | Word (209Kb)