Communications Toolkits

- Making Digital Communications Accessible, an Edutopia post by LFA Deputy Director Anne O'Brien, offers tips for making the information schools share with students’ families more accessible for people of all abilities. 

- To update and build on the 2004-05 communications work described below, in 2012 LFA commissioned a scan of the public opinion research on public education over the past two years. From this scan, we developed:

  • Framing Education Conversations - tips to help you talk about public education in a way that resonates with the general public
  • Learning First Alliance Message Map - a document intended to guide communications with a general audience. (As LFA messaging on the value of public education grows and expands, audience-specific maps will be developed.) 

- LFA's Communications Toolkit aims to help education leaders communicate more effectively about public education. Based on focus groups and polling LFA commissioned in 2004 and 2005, the toolkit offers original research findings on public opinion, a guide to promoting public schools, and language for op-eds and speeches. It includes: