What We Know

We know many of the ingredients to a strong public education system: effective leadership, great teachers, students who are eager and willing to learn, and families and communities that support and advocate for every student. We know that high standards can prepare all students for success in college, careers and life. We know that students must be healthy, mentally and physically, to perform well in schools that provide safe and welcoming environments. As research and innovations evolve, we learn more each day about the ideal conditions for educating the whole child.

Here, you will find a topical archive of the issues that the Learning First Alliance and its members have focused on in recent years. Some topics are designed to provide information on the emerging issues of the day, others provide examples of what is working well--and in some places, working spectacularly. Because LFA is a coalition of national groups serving many different specters of the community, from pre-K to higher education, we are able allow us to bring together research, resources, and perspectives from diverse parts of the education sector.

You can also explore our blog or browse our collection of public school (and district) success stories.

These pages are updated regularly as new information is brought forward, research distilled, and innovations are incorporated into schools and classrooms around the nation. 

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