Turning Around Low Performing Schools

The Learning First Alliance recognizes the importance of turning around our nation's lowest performing schools.We must ensure that all children have access to an excellent education that will prepare them for life in the 21st century.

Alliance Resources on School Turnarounds

Principles for Measuring the Performance of Turnaround Schools. The Learning First Alliance has developed a set of principles for tracking efforts to turn around the nation’s lowest-performing schools. This document outlines how education agencies and communities can determine whether turnaround efforts are leading to both swift improvement and sustained change in persistently struggling schools. It offers a framework to help federal, state and local education stakeholders align turnaround efforts with a vision of school quality. The proposed principles can help policymakers, educators and communities identify schools in need of turnaround, reliably gauge the progress and staying power of turnaround efforts, and guide effective improvement strategies.

Stories and Interviews About Successful School Turnarounds. In April 2010 the Learning First Alliance complied a brief highlighting schools and districts that have had some success in turning themselves around. The stories and interviews in this document remind us that there are no simple solutions to complex problems: no overnight miracles, no magic pills, no cookie-cutter approaches. The schools featured in the document all faced big challenges. But all of them recognized their weaknesses and devised their own diverse strategies for overcoming them. As the nation focuses on the task of turning around struggling schools, stories like these provide important touchstones for policy and action.

Public School Insights Turnaround Tag. Read through our blog postings and success stories relating to all aspects of the turnaround process.