Reading & Math


Ensuring reading success for all students must be a national priority. The Learning First Alliance calls on educators and policymakers to adopt policies and practices that help all American children learn to read well. Alliance leaders urge support of practices consistent with the research on effective reading instruction, including:

  • Explicit, systematic instruction in phonemic awareness and phonics coupled with early and continued exposure to rich literature and writing opportunities
  • Improving reading pre-service education and professional development
  • Improving the early identification of reading difficulties in children
  • Providing adequate intervention to assist children with reading difficulties, such as additional staff for tutoring and smaller class size
  • Adopting texts and programs based on evidence of what works
  • Involving parents in support of their children’s reading

Using what we know about teaching reading, this nation can ensure reading success for all children – if we have the will to do so.

Alliance Publications on Reading

The Alliance publications in the Every Child Reading series provide common sense analysis of the research on reading instruction. The publications seek to assist teachers and administrators in planning and delivering more effective training and instruction in reading.

Reading Success Stories

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American students must learn more complex mathematics subjects than ever before. The Learning First Alliance calls for students to complete a challenging mathematics curriculum that includes deep mastery of the core concepts of Algebra and Geometry by the end of 9th grade. Reaching this goal will require significant improvements in curriculum, assessment, and teacher professional development as well as sound and convincing research to inform future efforts. It will also require increased levels of public support for a challenging mathematics curriculum.

Alliance Publications on Mathematics

The Alliance mathematics publication Every Child Mathematically Proficient provides an action plan for improving teaching and learning in mathematics. Based on this action plan, the Alliance has also developed:

Mathematics Success Stories

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Additional Resources

Figure This!
Figure This! is a web-based initiative for students, families, and teachers that demonstrates challenging middle school mathematics and emphasizes the importance of high-quality math education for all students. Figure This! is a joint project of the Learning First Alliance, National Action Council for Minorities in Engineering, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and Widmeyer Communications.

Statement by the Learning First Alliance on the TIMSS-R Benchmarking Study
This statement by Alliance leaders calls on educators and policymakers to increase their support and investment in strong math instruction. (May 1, 2000)