How We Engage

As a coalition of leading national education groups, the Learning First Alliance is in a unique position to offer perspectives from a range of voices within the community, from parents to school district leaders. In turn, we try to provide information and viewpoints that integrate ideas, observations and practices that impact all parts of the education community.

We share these perspectives through this website and social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Please follow us there to learn what’s new, share your thoughts or ask questions about our work. You may also sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, which aims to bring together cross-cutting ideas as well as events and postings of our members.

Our member organizations hold convenings that inspire and provide opportunities to meet and learn from your peers. Visit our calendar of annual conferences to learn more.

And we host virtual convenings that, depending on the topic, can provide local educators and other education stakeholders with access to the national education community in an interactive format; allow practitioners to share their expertise with policymakers; and help us understand what the nuances of how policy impacts the local level.

In addition to the information we share, we hope to help educators, parents and other stakeholders share their expertise and tell their stories. We have developed a number of communications toolkits over the years to help you do so.

For those who wish to access specific information, feel free to email us at This mail box is monitored, and we will respond to your questions. Or feel free to call us at 703-738-9081 and leave a message. We will get back to you shortly.


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Group of female teachers at round table discussion