Tutoring May Help Students Catch Up in Learning

By Julianne Nava

Tutoring programs may become a necessity, but must use effective methods to rebuild students' learning loss experienced over the Covid-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has facilitated significant disruptions in student access to and retention of learning in the United States. The realities of decreased instruction time, the remote learning format, and limited opportunities for personalized interactions between teachers and students have created a recipe for “learning loss.” 

These risk factors are most concerning for students of color, those who were already in need of additional supports, and students from low-income families. Research has found that tutoring may be one of the most effective methods to combat this “learning loss.” Policy and education officials should consider employing tutoring to stymy the growth of preexisting educational inequities and close gaps that are present in educational access and achievement. 

Read about some of the most promising tutoring practices in our new paper, "The Promise of Tutoring." 


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