#CCSStech: Ed Tech in a Common Core World

By Get It Right

In October, we at the Learning First Alliance (LFA) hosted #CCSSteach, a Twitter Town Hall on “Teaching in a Common Core World,” which provided a forum for teachers, administrators and education leaders impacted by the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) to share their stories about using Common Core in the classroom and how students are adapting to new CCSS-aligned curriculum.

During that discussion it became clear that technology is playing a large role in Common Core implementation. While at the national level, some equate technology and the Common Core only in the sense that progress against these standards is to be measured online, those in field see something bigger. In many communities, technology is playing a major role in how students interact with the standards in the classroom (and at home) and in how educators connect, learn, collaborate and plan on behalf of their students.

To gain insight as to what technology is working best when it comes to implementation and to learn where additional supports are needed, on November 19 we teamed up with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to host #CCSStech, a Twitter Town Hall on “Ed Tech in a Common Core World."

A few key themes emerged from this conversation. Overall, participants (including teachers, technology directors and representatives of national organizations, among others) indicated that:

  • Technology is providing opportunities for deeper learning that is aligned with CCSS through tools like video conferencing and apps.
  • Teachers need a safe space to take risks with ed tech and test these new tools in their classrooms for successful implementation.
  • The integration of technology into the classroom also demands lessons on digital citizenship, privacy and safe Internet use.
  • Challenges include troubleshooting tech issues, ensuring equitable access and helping teachers feel comfortable putting more learning in the hands of students.

For highlights from the chat, read the Storify below. Explore the hashtag for the complete conversation.