#CCSSteach: Teaching in a Common Core World

By Get It Right

At the national level, we often talk about the political debate surrounding the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). But while that debate rages on, schools across the country are doing the hard work of implementation. And, while you might not know it from the tone of the conversation, it’s “going well,” according to over two-thirds (68%) of teachers participating in a recent survey. Also encouraging: 79% of teachers feel “very” or “somewhat” prepared to teach under the standards.

So how exactly is the Common Core impacting teaching and learning? On October 2, we at the Learning First Alliance hosted #CCSSteach, a Twitter Town Hall on teaching in a Common Core world, to find out. The event provided a forum for educators impacted by CCSS to share how they are acclimating to the standards.  

A few key themes emerged from this conversation. Overall, participants (including teachers, principals, district leaders and representatives of national organizations) indicated


  • Common Core is creating deeper content understanding among students.
  • All teachers, regardless of subject, are focusing on teaching fundamental skills such as reading.
  • There is a need for more professional development, particularly for more teacher-led PD.
  • There is a misunderstanding in communities on what the standards are, particularly among parents.

For highlights from the chat, read the Storify below. Explore the hashtag for the complete conversation.