#CCSSParents: Parents and the Common Core

By Get It Right

Over the past six months, Learning First Alliance (LFA) has hosted a series of Twitter Town Halls on the implementation of the Common Core State Standards. These conversations have addressed the time it takes to get Common Core right (#CCSSTime), teaching under Common Core State Standards (#CCSSTeach), the use of technology with Common Core (#CCSSTech) and the role of the business community in Common Core (#CCSSBiz).

Most recently, LFA is partnered with the National PTA to explore the role and experience of parents in the implementation process (#CCSSParents).  The event, “Parents and the Common Core,” aimed to highlight how educators and parents can best collaborate to help students meet the higher standards of the Common Core and provide a forum for parents to share their thoughts on the standards.

A few key themes emerged from the conversation:

  • Parents are primarily learning about the Common Core through media coverage, school/PTA communications and one-on-one conversations.
  • A primary area of concern among parents is new assessments.
  • To combat miscommunication about the standards, schools should actively communicate the difference between CCSS and high-stakes testing and should showcase examples of student work demonstrating higher-level thinking.

See below for highlights (or check out the archive on Storify), or explore the hashtag for the complete conversation.