#CCSSBiz: Common Core and the Business Community

By Get It Right

The business community has been a proponent of the Common Core State Standards Initiative from the beginning. Recognizing the need for high standards that prepare America's students to compete in a global community and the potential benefits of the standards for both the workforce and the economy, companies (and individual CEOs) continue to voice their support for the Common Core as the standards have faced political pushback, testifying in state legislatures, writing op-eds and more.

As those of us in the education community continue the hard work of Common Core implementation while at the same time trying to build public support for the effort, we should ask ourselves: Are we using all the resources at our disposal? Are we working effectively with the business community in support of a common goal?

To explore this issue, on January 29, we at the Learning First Alliance teamed up with the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) to host #CCSSBiz, a Twitter Town Hall on Common Core and the business community

. Part of our Get It Right series on what it will take to do Common Core implementation well, key themes emerging from the conversation include:

  • The critical thinking, problem solving and reasoning skills included in the Common Core better equip students for success in college and careers, which in turn will positively impact the nation’s economy.
  • There are places where education and business organizations are already collaborating both on raising awareness of the standards through community events such as roundtables and dialogues and on the transformation of teaching and learning through things like service learning partnerships.
  • To combat the myths and misinformation behind Common Core, businesses and education organizations need to work together by sharing facts about the standards and success stories resulting from implementation.

For highlights from the chat, read the Storify below. Explore the hashtag for the complete conversation.