State Alliances: Rhode Island


Formed in 2007 as a state Learning First Alliance

Mission Statement

Mission Statement: The Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island is dedicated to improving student learning in Rhode Island's public schools. We believe that educators and education associations must take responsibility for uniting key stakeholders in the education field, focusing attention on critical issues, and using sound research to promote the continual and long-term improvement of public education. The Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island believes that public school education is the basic right for every child in a democratic society, the bedrock of the American Dream and the best hope for American success in the 21st Century.

"Rhode Island Schools' Performance: Here's the Rest of the Story":

The Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island released a report in November 2007 detailing widespread improvement in the performance of Rhode Island's public schools. According to the report's Preface, "Nothing in this report is intended to imply that Rhode Island’s schools have completed the school improvement process. Rhode Island, like every other state, still has a great deal of work to do. It is important to note that RI educators are fully engaged in school improvement and that steady and significant progress is being made. By fostering this fundamental understanding, the Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island hopes to change the current dialogue about schools in RI from one characterized accusation to one characterized by mutual support."


For more information, contact The Learning First Alliance/Rhode Island Chair:

Chairperson: Raymond J. Pouliot

401 463-9630 ext. 307.

Address for LFA/RI: Learning First Alliance / Rhode Island, P.O. Box 14160, East Providence, RI 02914.