The Education Coalition of Arizona


Formed in 1990; joined the LFA state alliance network in 2005


The Education Coalition (TEC) is an alliance of education organizations dedicated to raising student achievement in Arizona. It currently focuses its efforts on two topics:

  • Parent and community involvement
  • General tax revenue reform

TEC provides a forum where Arizona education organizations and leaders meet and discuss current issues and programs, and hear outside speakers on education-related topics. Over the years, TEC has worked on various legislative and state board issues. TEC provides the discussion base to prevent surprises in the public arena.

Voting members of the TEC presently include:

Deans of the Colleges of Education at:

The Arizona Board of Regents is an Associate Member of TEC, and as such it has discussion rights, but no voting rights. TEC's monthly meetings generally include representation from the Arizona Department of Education and the State Board of Education.

For more information, contact:

JoAnne Hilde, Facilitator