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Are Your Students Behind on Vaccines?

As many as one in three students may lack vaccines such as MMR, hepatitis, meningitis, chickenpox and many more. LFA's new GetVaxFacts campaign explains how educators can encourage parents to schedule their children's lifesaving vaccinations. (photo courtesy of CDC)

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#PublicSchoolProud podcasts

LFA spoke with some of the nation's leading educators--teachers, counselors, principals, administrators and school board members--about what we've learned during the pandemic and how we can take those lessons and move forward. 

Iowa Principal Donna Lowewen with students

National Principals Month 

During October, NAESP and NASSP are working to raise awareness about the significant challenges facing the principalship across the country and to recognize the outstanding work of our nation’s principals. 




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Cybersecurity Ranks as Top Concern 

In its annual survey of school IT professionals, CoSN found that student data privacy and cybersecurity are top priorities of school system IT leaders, but they face budget challenges and underestimation of threats.

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Bullying Prevention

October is #Bullyingpreventionmonth. AFT's Share My Lesson has a large collection of free curated resources for teachers and other educators to use throughout the year.


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Public School Insights

Our blog, Public School Insights, offers timely commentary and analysis of current issues in education, including school leadership, equity, digital learning, and much more. 

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