Resources for New or Prospective State Alliances

Now as never before, different state-level education associations need to work together to strengthen American public education and support all students’ learning. At a time when some are challenging the very notion of public education, the health of our public schools will depend on robust partnerships between the organizations that represent people who work in and for those schools every day. Such partnerships will help us support public schools’ essential mission to enhance opportunity, promote equity, prepare all students to thrive in a complex global environment, and strengthen the enduring democratic values that nourish a just and free society.

Why Form a State Learning First Alliance?

The Learning First Alliance Summit in March 2007 aimed to foster collaboration around a shared vision for public education by promoting strong and sustained Alliance affiliates at the state level. Drawing on conversations among state association leaders at that Summit, this page briefly summarizes major reasons for such collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions about State Alliances

This list of Frequently Asked Questions addresses basic issues about forming and sustaining a state Alliance.

Forming a New State Alliance Affiliate: How to Get Started

This page lays out the immediate next steps you should take if you’re considering forming a state Learning First Alliance affiliate.

An Overview of Current State Alliance Affiliates

This document briefly describes the accomplishments, goals, and structure of thirteen current Learning First Alliance Affiliates. Use it to consider the variety of ways to form state affiliates. Notice the diverse projects, organizational structures, and purposes.

An Archive of Current State Alliance Official Documents [Under Construction]

Copies of the founding documents for current LFA State affiliates can be found here. Use these documents as models for your own by-laws, articles of incorporation, and other official documents to form a new LFA affiliate for your state.